www.FreeSustainability.org born January 9, 2010 as a solution to the 2008 crash, FreeSustainability.org, the world’s first 70%-30% "ever day life solution" for humanity & planet, was established January 9, 2010 to provide free funding businesses and support, to fund affordable homes in sustainable pay it forward communities; including free land systems, profit sharing, organic farms, clean energy, and a sense of belonging like the good ol' days, FreeSustainability.org brings hope and inspiration by multiplying people's incomes while reducing expenses, and increasing leisure time to help people become the person they always wanted to be. Life is simplified via FreeSustainability.org's 70%-30% "ever day life solution". Since 2010, FreeSustainability.org, a subsidiary of Pay It Forward Anastasia, LLC, has engineered and developed forty key departments to help bring people's dreams of financial freedom to fruition. For more information, visit our free funding programs at www.FreeSustainability.org, our humanitarian stores at www.PayItForwardStores.org/, and our communities at www.AnastasiaEstates.net FreeSustainability.org is like Jesus' message to Mary Magdalen to bring a 2nd chance and hope to people like yourself! We work with organizations, schools, churches, businesses like PinHi Productions, Ranch House BBQ in Van Nuys, Inland Industrial Supply LTD in Canada, and regular people like Chris Link in Edmonton Canada, Steve Sande in Alberta, professional golfer Reggie PinHi in Los Angeles, Dan Young in Illinois, The Thurstans in Australia, Hridoy MD Mominul in Bangladesh, and most importantly "YOU". Start building your Free Sustainability Funding business today with a generous 70% net profits + 30% equity profit sharing program and become free & clear within 8 years happily ever after... You are invited! Come enjoy yourself December 14 at www.FreeSustainability.org's Music Debut with PinHi Productions at Van Nuys Golf Course, 6550 Odessa St, Van Nuys, CA

Free Sustainability Funding Programs to Purchase Sustainable Homes in Pay It Forward Communities